Carpet Installations and Repairs


If you want to freshen the look of your home or office, a new carpet provides a much-needed lift. Our expert installers will measure your space accurately, so you buy the amount you need. Installation includes laying the appropriate underpad for the level of use the carpet will take and stain protection to keep that new carpet looking new.

Our carpet cleaning and maintenance services include:

       • Removing food and drink stains, dirt, etc.

       • Gum, oil and grease cleaning

       • Antique and Oriental carpet cleaning in our specialized


       • Treating pet stains, odour and hair

       • Carpet repair

       • Carpet stretching

       • Deodorizing and sanitizing

       • Anti-allergen spraying of carpet and upholstery

       • Fabric guarding to protect your carpet.

       • Water and fabric damage repairs

Capitol Carpet & Cleaning Services has been installing carpets for over 20 years in commercial and residential properties.

Our installers have laid thousands of square feet of carpet over the years. Our services include:

    • We will bring a wide variety of samples to your property for you to choose from.

    • We come out to your property to measure and give suggestions to make your carpeting

      needs work for your space.

    • We offer a wide variety of underpads to choose from and offer waterproof alternatives.

    • As well as installations we offer services to cut, bind and make all sorts of area rugs to


    • Our installers are fully certified and insured.

Drapery and Blind Cleaning

Your draperies and blinds add drama, light filtering and energy efficiency to your home or office. But they are also among the most difficult things for homeowners to clean. Our process includes:

• Thorough, detailed cleaning of Venetian blinds

• Taking down drapes and rehanging them after cleaning

• Expert cleaning of delicate fabrics such as silk and sheers

• Pleating and hems will be preserved intact; no shrinkage

• Repairs

• Installation of drapes and tracks

Ducts and Furnaces

Cleaning your ducts and furnaces will keep your furnace working efficiently and cost-effectively and reduce the allergens that might be circulating in your home. If you have just had construction or renovations done, or if your family’s allergies seem to be more bothersome than usual, consider a thorough duct cleaning. Our process includes:

• Cleaning ducts

• Cleaning or replacing furnace filters with electrostatic air filters

• Cleaning the coils of your air conditioner/heat pump

Ceramic Floor Washing – Tile Scrubbing

Tiles are durable and generally easy to maintain – but over time, grout becomes discoloured and stains are hard to remove. Many cleansers used by homeowners include demineralising agents which can damage and streak stone surfaces. Our professional process cleans and protects your stone and tile. Our process includes:

• Vacuuming

• Gentle chemical treatment to remove stains while preserving natural stone

• Hand scrubbing for difficult stains

• Pressure cleaning

• Rinsing, disinfecting

• Grout recolouring

• Sealing

Residential Service

Carpet Cleaning, Wall-to-Wall

Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Conditioning

Area Rugs

Drapery and Blinds

Ducts and Furnaces

Mattress Cleaning

Venetian Blinds

Window Cleaning

Emergency Restoration (Fire, Flood, Water Damage)

Leather Conditioning

Pick-up and Delivery

Carpet Installations and Repairs

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Upholstery Cleaning

We can clean your upholstery on-site or pick up and deliver for expert cleaning at our facility. Our process includes:

• Pretesting for colour fastness and selection

  of appropriate cleaning methods

• Spot cleaning and stain removal

• Deodorizing

• Leather conditioning

• Stainproofing fabric protection treatment

Area Rugs

Your Oriental rugs are heirlooms and investments. They are as much art as furnishings and deserve the best of care to preserve the natural colours and fibres which make them so unique. We have decades of experience in gently removing soil from these rugs. Our process includes:

• Pick-up and delivery service

• Stain removal

• Stainproofing fabric protection treatment

• Mothproofing

• Deodorizing

• Repair to carpet and fringe

• Replacing underpad

Mattress Cleaning

Worried about bed bugs? Steam cleaning mattresses is an important step in getting rid of these blood-sucking parasites. Mattress cleaning also gets rid of dust mites and their waste matter, a potent and widespread allergen.

Our process includes:

Vacuuming the mattress (especially in the seams and edges) completely

Sanitizing the mattress

Applying dust mite treatment (effective for up to 6 months)

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